Essay On Blended Learning

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In Middle School Education the concepts of blended learning, Kagan practices can be easily observed in classrooms. Blended learning is the concept in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content, instruction via digital, online media and attend regular classroom instruction. I feel Blended Learning allows a teacher to individualize learning strategies easier. Kagan was developed by Dr. Spencer Kagan. These methods allow for more student participation through activities such as RallyRobin and Timed Pair Share. These strategies enable teachers to involve all students instead of only being able to call on a few. The developmental stages of young adolescence are grouped into five areas. Intellectual involves the development of abstract thinking. Adolescents began to self-examination and form opinions. Physically, …show more content…
My hope is that students will gain some life skills that will help them in their decision making in life. In doing so I hope to make a difference in the lives I come into contact with. My role in advocating best practices will be at the forefront. Where a school may not be providing the best practices, I will be there advocating for my students to make sure they are not shorted the opportunity to succeed in life. I never really thought of a school as community before this class. I now see how it takes everyone to make an appropriate educational environment. Students respond better to a family atmosphere. Custodial staff, cafeteria staff, office workers all play pivotal parts in creating the school community. My goal in my first three years is to attain a Master’s in Education to better prepare and train me in my profession. I also have a goal to involve myself in the community that I teach through volunteering. Long term, I truly believe that I would like to be a principle and will work towards a Doctorate in

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