The Challenges Of Attending College Classes Essay

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There are many challenges that follow enrolling in college classes and with each challenge comes a weight students have to carry for the semester. A few of the weights students have to carry are the college bills, class work, and planning around class time. Students have to be careful not to carry too much or else they will be crushed. A student can think that they signed up for a light load, but after the first day of class discover they signed up for more than they can carry. It can be hard to judge just how heavy something can be; the easiest weight can be misjudged on how hard a college course will be. There are many hard classes a student should look out for. One of the hardest classes a student can take is Mrs. Amy Fox-Angerer’s English 101 class. Fox’s class is difficult because of peer review, stress of completing homework on time, and the absence of make-up work. Fox’s class is difficult because it requires classmates to review each other’s papers and outlines. The level of effort required to succeed in Fox’s class is greater for an inexperienced student, than for someone who is more acquainted with reviewing papers. In experienced students will not know what is expected when reviewing a paper. Fox’s syllabus states that a required skill that students should have before attending English 101 is the ability to “work collaboratively with other students” (3). There is no way to prove that a student has this required ability. A student who has no prior experience…

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