The Captain Of The Jv Girls Volleyball Team Essay

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I have always been a young woman who is dedicated to the improvement and well being of those around me and have been a leader in whatever activity I put my mind toward. Whether as the Captain of the JV Girls Volleyball team at ZCHS, as a Young Disciple at Antioch, our church’s youth group, a team leader participating in the Catholic Heart Work Camp or as an employee at Mikes Carwash, Outback Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Woodwind Golf Club, I am always looking for opportunities to be a leader and give back to those around me.

As the captain of my high school girl 's Junior Varsity volleyball team, I learned how to be a motivator and supporter to my teammates. I believe my positive and encouraging attitude, both on and off the court, had a big influence on the team and made me realize what it meant to be a strong and effective leader. Similarly, being the team leader of my Catholic Heart Work Camp group also gave me the same opportunity to be a motivator and to provide the group with a positive presence and encouragement as we spent an entire week each summer to complete a large service project for a single or group of residents in disadvantaged community.

Being a leader has impacted me in such a way that it has carried over in many other aspects of my life. After years of religious education and involvement in church activities and service, I took the position as a "young disciple" in the youth group program. My role as a young disciple required me to lead group…

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