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The Nursing field give people many opportunities to care and work with sick patients. With the nursing major, I am seeking to work in a hospital and soon get my license to work in the baby’s nursey room. Growing up, I always wanted to be a detective or in the criminal justice filed. Well, my gran-mother starting going in and out of the hospital and having surgery. When I went with my gran-mother to one of her visits before her surgery, I began to watch everything the nurses did to her as well as question them. The nurses noticed my interest in what they were doing, so the next visit my gran-mom had, the nurse said I am going to make a great nurse one day, and could soon care for m gran-mother the same way they are. The moments I spent in the hospital, helped me realize I belong in the medical field. Nurses at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Covington, TN as well as my mother and gran-mother encouraged me to aim to be a nurse.

I want to take on the career of being a Registered Nurse
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The dues are $191 per year or $16.42 per month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nursing is among the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. You can search career websites, and they will have a collection of job listings available. To become a registered nurse, there are required qualifications such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, compassion, detail oriented, emotionally stable, and organizational skills. When applying for the nursing program, you have to submit Supplement forms and instructions short answers, an essay, 2 letter of recommendations, the TEAS test, and your transcript with the application. To gain more experience in the nursing field, I am going to take advantage of internship, sign up for classes with clinical training, and get a

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