Foundation Of Nursing Essay

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How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice?
Every organization has the beginning and the past. Nursing has come a long way in the society. Women have ever been in charge of others’ physical health care. Look at the mothers, their roles in the household as a home maker and a cares taker. The nursing profession started from home, where mother takes cares of physical aspect of the humans. Women plays vital role in nurturing children, their husbands and the entire household, this makes a woman be a special nurse to their homes. Florence Nightingale as a woman in the Crimean war plays a major roles by helping in the reduction of the mortality and morbidity rate among the
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In the history of nursing, there was no standard of care and there were no rules and regulation to back up the care given to the sick. With the help of American Nurses Association which prevents the unskilled nursing personnel to carry out the function of a nurse by developing the credentials which reinforced the profession by the advancement of nursing training and degrees programs in orders to have standards of care given to the sick and regulations to follows. Which also protect the public from unskilled nurses who required formal education in nursing and was supported by Superintended Hampton, …show more content…
Nursing has grown from improvising tools to use, to the manual and now the use of technologies in carry out daily activities, which has great impact in nursing profession. For example, manual pressure machine was been use in the 19th centuries, but now, electronic machine has replace the manual machine which is faster and saves time. From history of nursing manual writing of health information was been used, but now with use of computers, data collection and transmission has been easier and faster. In terms of other electronic equipment in use with the complexity of the patients’ population, monitoring of patient health status, diagnosing and treating patients has been easier than before including giving electronic health education to the patients. From the 19th centuries, many hospitals does not have enough manual equipment to diagnose and to treat which bring a tremendous delay in the care of the sick people, but now healthcare sector is grown faster than before and with transmission of the electronic data help a

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