Essay about The Ban Of Animal Testing

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New Zealand has seen the ban of cosmetics testing on animals. Isaac Davidson, reporter for the New Zealand Herald released an article on 31st March 2015, explaining the government’s decision to ban the use of animals for cosmetic research. The topic of animal testing is taken very seriously around the world, with the public of Britain protesting for decades and addressing their government to take the necessary steps to ban it. An example of this is the Lush cosmetics campaign, which took place on the 24th April 2012. In the 1980’s American animal rights activist Henry Spira, bought a full-page in the New York Times with an outcry to help protect the animals used in cosmetics testing. These are just two of the many varying examples used in the fight against animal testing. Ethics or moral philosophy as told by Rachels, J & S (2010) “Is the effort to understand the nature of morality and what it requires of us” (pp. 1) This essay will examine cosmetic testing on animals, and how Utilitarian and Kantian ethics may apply to Isaac Davidsons article in the New Zealand Herald. Based on Rachels definition, ethics would then ask us is it moral to perform cosmetic research on animals?

Utilitarianism originated from English philosopher Jeremy Bentham. Bentham founded utilitarianism on the idea of The Columbia Encyclopaedia (2013) “the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the fundamental and self-evident principle of morality.” (pp. …)
Davidson emphasizes that although…

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