The Awareness And Prevention Of Youth Suicide Essay

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According to the website for The Jason Foundation, a non-profit organization for the awareness and prevention of youth suicide, the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-24 is suicide, and there are over 5,400 attempts every day. Though they may not know it, everybody knows at least one person who has as least thought about suicide or self-harm. Unfortunately, it seems to be quite common for young people to think about these destructive behaviors, or even act upon those thoughts. These things have become taboo to talk about, even when offering support, so many of these young people feel like they are alone and have no one there for them. The band Twenty One Pilots have many songs on the subject of mental health, but I am going to focus on the song “Guns for Hands”. This song specifically is about suicide, suicidal thoughts, self harm, and depression in adolescents. The band members, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, both have a history of depression and suicidal thoughts and want all their fans to know this.
Through this song, they want all the kids that listen to know that they know exactly what they are going through, and that they’ve been there before. The lines “I know what you think in the morning/ when the sun shines on the ground/ and shows what you have done/ it shows where your mind has gone,” accentuate the fact that they’ve been there. The title “Guns for Hands” (and the line “you never put the safety on”) is about how these people are basically a risk for…

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