Suicide In The Novel Forever By Judy Blume

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Final Essay Suicide is when one voluntarily takes their own life because they do not want to continue living. Suicidal thoughts cross thousands of people’s minds on a daily basis. Throughout the lives of adolescent teens, they tend to have a significant amount of suicidal thoughts. Most people believe that teens solely commit suicide because of an extremity of unhappiness in their daily lives. Heartbreaks, looks, or even hurtful words of others can spark these thoughts in indivdiudals. Little do people know that also having a mental disorder or even being unsure of your own sexuality can severely influence thoughts of committing suicide. In the novel Forever by Judy Blume, Blume shows that the lives of teenagers are more complex than they …show more content…
Melonchaly teens think about how much more suitable their lives could be. They do not realize that it can be fixed and they tend feel miserable and low-spirited everyday that they continue to live. Tremendous contemplation and unsteady emotions lead them to come to the decision to try and take their life. They feel as thoguh it would be better to be dead but in all reality suicide is NOT the answer. Suicide attempts are more mortiferous when people suffer from depression which is directly linked to bipolar disorder (manic depression) (Smith). Because depression is directly linked to manic depression, it is bound to occur in one diagnosed with it. Seeing that depressed teens with mental illnesses do not fathom that suicide is a permanent solution to their temporary problems, their problems seem as though they are insurmountable issues (“Teen Suicide”). Artie does not realize that his minor life problems, like not being able to go to a performing arts school, are less serious than he makes them out to be. He believes his whole life revolves around one thing, acting, which causes him to feel as though his life is nothing without it. Artie shows extensive signs of being depressed in his dialogue with friends. “Sure you spend your whole life trying to make it and for what… so you can wind up in some cancer ward full of needles and tubes with nobody giving a shit…” (Blume 144). This quote is mind boggling and makes one think about life from a different perspective. One starts to wonder why Artie feels this way about life. He clearly is not content and feels as though death is a better answer than living, hence why he tried to take his own. Nobody knows why Artie is unhappy, though. It could be, once again, that his father will not allow him to pursue his passion and dreams (Pryor). Maybe acting is the only thing that makes Artie happy. When robbed of your ability to

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