Essay on The Average Cost Of A Bachelor 's Degree

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College is very expensive. The average cost of a Bachelor’s degree can cost tens of thousands of dollars. For most professions today, a bachelor 's or higher degree is required to meet the minimum requirements. Years ago the job market was primarily workers in factories, laborers, and skilled workers. For these type jobs it was a high school education that was required, and that was free. Now in this technical age of computers, automation, and global communication, the job market needs the higher education to meet the minimum requirements for the professions which is not free in America. For example, my mother went to nursing school in the 80’s and it only took a diploma from a nursing school to be able to provide care to sick and injured persons. After 23 years of being a nurse in the hospital was told by her leadership that in order to continue to work she would need to obtain a college degree. She went back to school and obtained her bachelor 's and master’s degree and now owes over 80,000 dollars in student loans. She did not get a raise or promotion with the added education only debt. This is an example of what college students will face. They may graduate from school owing more money than they will make in their chosen profession. It will be very difficult to start a professional life being in debt. There should be a way to obtain the education it takes to better the person and allow them to be a productive member of society without being in debt for that education and…

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