The Argument For Gun Control

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The controversial theory that a control of guns should be enforced is a major factor in today’s society because of the world having tons of gun violence every day. This theory has been enforced with many factors from the words of people to articles in newspapers and even on the television with all the shooting that have killed people all over the world. With this being true, the need for more gun control is probably necessary although many arguments don’t think so.
An analysis of the concerns surrounding the opposition to more or fewer gun rights for the people of America reveal that there are controversial sides that could give excellent arguments towards both sides of the topic. “Gun Control” gives many arguments on
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The article, “10 Argument for Gun Control,” talks about how banning guns saves lives in the long run because when there are mass shootings they are usually caused by a gun that is able to be bought legally in the United States. Since this is true maybe a way that America can change this for our country is to take away those rights of buying heavy assault rifles that can make these mass shooting possible. Even though America hasn’t made the progress of banning guns another country has and it saw great success with gun issues. “Around 650,000 automatic and semi-automatic weapons were destroyed…” (10 Argument for Gun Control). If the United States were to push towards this type of society then I would make us as a country seems so much more of a controlled environment and that would make people mad because this country promises to be free. Also, in the article, “10 Argument for Gun Control,” there is a section that talks about the how people feel that they are going to be able to keep their guns until the government comes to take them, and when the government does come for their gun then they can fight them off with them. Although that is not really possible because of the fact that the government will have so much firepower that their own weapons could blow the planet up multiple times due to how much there is. Another way that the article talks about how gun control affects our lives is that they cause more suicides to occur than usual. “Suicide is not so much a rational decision, but something people do on the spur of the moment…” (10 Argument for Gun Control). If there were less gun in homes of people that were clinically unstable rather than in their right mind, then there would be fewer deaths cause by

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