The Amendment Of The United States Constitution Essay

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The 10th amendment of the United States constitution should have contained the specific powers that are within the states themselves, but there is not an explicit example of the powers that should have been given to the states and should still be in effect within the states to this day or at least a form of which. Whether the powers were changed, eliminated, or remained the same throughout the years, there should have been at least some kind of form or documentation as to what the states should be able to do and what they would need the federal government’s permission and/or assistance to do. These powers of the states are actually the rights of the states that are supposed to be protected by the constitution. If the rights were explicitly described and detailed there would have possibly been less confusion and corruption within the states to carry out the laws and bills that were and/or will be proposed to legalize and illegalize certain products within the United States. Some of the rights that are not explicit that should be are that of the ability to make tobacco products illegal, the ability to put a level of taxation on marijuana and other substances, the ability to lower the price of higher education in all educational facilities, the legalization of open carry of personal fire arms, and the legalization of slavery.
First, there should be a little bit of background on the 10th amendment before anything should be presented to change it. The proposition for the 10th…

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