The Pros And Cons Of Concealed Carry Laws

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There’s always been a large dispute over gun control and gun laws in America. However, beneath that, there’s another battle that goes on. It’s a more specific battle, revolving around the right to carry a concealed handgun. Concealed carry laws throughout the United States have sparked controversy in both sides of this battle. Whether it would be the people who support concealed carry arguing over one state’s laws, or the people who are against it trying to prevent the laws from spreading. Although many people argue and say that the concealed carry laws have caused more crimes than prevented them, the right to carry a concealed handgun is protected by the Second Amendment, and has not actually increased the rates of aggravated assault, while statistically decreasing the amount of crime.
Carrying concealed weapons has always been thought of as the actions of a criminal. As a result, states started to ban carrying concealed weapons in public, while still allowing open carry. However, some states, specifically Vermont, have never had any laws
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Madigan,” in 2012. This case was originally “Shepard v. Madigan,” because originally, there was a woman, Mary Shepard, who was attacked. She owned and possessed a gun, but was not allowed to carry it outside of her property, due to the Illinois State Statutes that prevented the carry of a concealed weapon outside of your own property. As a result, this woman was attacked, and complained that, because of the no-issue laws, she was unable to protect herself, and she and a co-worker had suffered serious injuries. This case was dismissed, but later brought up again in the case “Moore v. Madigan,” where Michael Moore and others filed suit against the attorney general, Lisa Madigan, because the State Statutes against concealed carry were unconstitutional. They ended up winning this case, and Madigan was forced to enact a shall-issue

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