The, A Musical Play, By Peter Stone And Sherman Edwards Essay

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“1776, A Musical Play,” by Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards portrays the process of how the declaration of independence came to be in a fashion that is musical and has a little bit of humor. This humor is expressed through the merriment of song and also with humorous dialogue. Through the text of this book, the momentous days from May eighth to July fourth are shown in the form of accusations, arguments and agreements among congressmen such as John Adams from Massachusetts, John Dickinson of Pennsylvania, Edward Rutledge of South Carolina, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Benjamin Franklin of Philadelphia, and more. The overall writing process and the debate on the Declaration of Independence were essentially the same compared to the actual process with a few subtle differences such the vocabulary and some of the phrasing used within the play. The writing of the actual document was accurate in the sense that Thomas Jefferson was charged with the duty and the also the fact that he has a constant distraction. On pg.62, John Adams exclaims to Jefferson, “Thomas Jefferson, on the, ‘Necessity of Taking Up Arms,’ seventeen seventy-five, magnificent! You write ten times better than any man in the Congress – including me! For a man of only thirty-three years you possess a happy talent for composition and a remarkable felicity of expression.(Stone and Edwards)” In this dialogue, John is trying to convince Jefferson that he is most fit for the duty of writing the document and shall be…

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