Essay on Critical Analysis Of Into The Woods

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Critical Analysis: Into the Woods
For my first critique paper, I would like to talk about my participation in the play Into the Woods. This play was performed in Meridian Community College’s McCain Theater. The author of Into the Woods is James Lapine; the composer of the music and lyrics is Stephen Sondheim. Lapine is known for bringing the story and characters to life while Sondheim is known for creating the music for this play. Sondheim brings great emotion and humor to this play with his wonderful music. Our director for this awesome play was Steven Nabors, and the technical director was Andy Rainey. At the McCain theater, Into the Woods happened on October 1th - 4th. Every night we performed, I was nervous…. I know I am a very out their person, but I just wanted to make sure that I really brought my character out and played her well. (I played Little Red Riding Hood.) I believe it is an actor’s job to bring out the character and become the character, so I was nervous that I would not do a good job of that. I expected the audience to really enjoy this play because the other actors in this play were so wonderful and great. During the play, the mood of the audience was intriqued. I thought this play was great to perform in, and I believe we did a great job bringing this play to life in the McCain theater. One of the best parts of this play was the actors performing in it. With hard work and endless time practicing, every actor brought his or her best skills to the…

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