Essay on Texting While Driving And Driving

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Texting While Driving; There Should Be Harsher Punishments People who text or use mobile devices while driving should receive the same punishment as those who drink while driving. In reality, distracted driving endangers more lives and damage more property than that of drunk driving. In fact, the current levels of injury and loss caused by distracted driving are unacceptable. In addition, fears about distracted driving seem to be increasing because more and more people are becoming concerned and at the same time informed about the risks of distracted driving. So far, forty-six states have passed laws to prohibit texting while driving, but when it comes sentencing; people are only penalized by either a warning or paying a fine. The federal and state government must step up and do more to pass legislation to increase the penalties for texting while driving.
First of all, texting and using mobile devices while driving laws are no different from other traffic laws. They all derive from state and local governments. In September 2009, president Obama held a Distracted Driving Summit meeting to speak about fears over texting and using mobile devices that distract motorist from concentrating on driving. President Obama and U.S.D.O.T. secretary Ray LaHood wanted to remind the public that we cannot depend on lawful action alone, because in reality, you cannot legislate conduct. People around the nation must rely on themselves and take individual accountability for their…

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