Telos Corporation Executive Summary

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1 Our Understanding
Telos Corporation (Telos) protects some of our country’s most security-conscious agencies and has established an excellent reputation. However, the company is not well known outside of government circles. Telos security solutions can benefit businesses as well as government agencies.

As you know, cyber security breaches have had a profound impact on commerce and infrastructure. The topic is receiving ongoing media coverage:
• Nearly 1 million new malware threats are release every day (CNN/Money, April 14, 2015)
• Cybercrime costs the average U.S. firm $15 million a year (CNN/Money, Oct. 8, 2015)
• DHS said cyber attics on critical manufacturing doubled in 2015 (The Hill, Jan. 15, 2016)
• Website-crippling DDoS cyber-attacks
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It works best when it is integrated with your marketing plan.
LFS will develop and implement a public relations program consisting of targeted mainstream, social and business media outreach emphasizing Telos cyber security solutions and demonstrated experience.

2.1 Discovery Phase
During the first 45 days of this project, LFS will gain a better understanding of Telos Corporation’s commercial opportunities. This research phase will give us additional insight into the cyber security purchasing process and identify corporate decision maker and influencers in order to fine tune our media outreach tactics.

2.2 Telos Public and Media Relations Program
LFS will develop and execute a plan designed to identify opportunities whether they are media interviews, company announcements, trade shows, speeches, or other newsworthy events; match them with the right solutions (either earned or paid media); and leverage them for maximum impact.
• To help Telos diversify from being overly reliant on government contracts to a mix that includes commercial business
• To “get in the game” and gain a share of voice in media coverage of cyber security
• Build Telos’ corporate reputation in the business community

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They include,
• The Wall Street Journal
• The New York Times
• Fortune
• Wired
• Inc.
• USA Today
• Business journals
• Industry analyst publications and newsletters

Social Media
Social media can be used extend the reach and amplify your message. Thus, Twitter, LinkedIn, on-line publications, newsletters and blogs are key elements in our overall media outreach.
• Monitor social media to get ahead of the story
• Research social media bloggers, influencers and outlets to include on our media list
• LFS will write 24 Tweets (@TelosNews) and LinkedIn posts focusing on business applications
• LFS will also retweet 24 reporters and industry analysts
• Telos should continue with TelosVision blogs; however, LFS will pitch 4 blogs to the media prior to or instead of posting them on

Editorial Calendars
Some publications routinely prepare special or themed editions on topics of interest to their readers throughout the course of the year. These special reports present opportunities LFS will:
• Develop an editorial calendar program targeting key business and mainstream publications
• Identify opportunities
• Proactively pitch publications and coordinate

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