The Pros And Cons Of Cybersecurity

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With industry “experts” declaring that there will be one billion cybersecurity up for grabs in 2016, I may have to hire my teenager this year. Alright, so I fudged the numbers a little, there are only one million “cybersecurity” jobs [1] up for grabs. One million is a big number with regards to “cybersecurity” considering that in March of 2015, there were then, 209,000 vacant “cybersecurity” jobs. Such strange numbers. I visited the “de-facto” technology “help wanted” website ( just now, and noticed there are 79,056 openings at the time of this writing. Headed over to and typed in “cyber” and found a few hundred more, but far less than 209,000 let alone the wondrous 1,000,000 mentioned by Forbes.

Having been in the security arena for over two decades now, I have seen how much it has grown, but never have I seen such a wonderful number: “1,000,000 Cybersecurity Experts blah blah blah.” Apologies for the “blah blah blah” portion, but the geek/nerd/pessimist/realist in me wouldn’t allow me to process this magical number.
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C(insert_letter_here)O: If you give me $1,000,000.00 right now, and six months time. I will secure your network beyond anything you have ever seen. Guaranteed or your money back. My demands? Simple. Leave security up to me, don’t ask questions until all is said and done. Don’t ask me to wear a shirt and tie though. Allow me to create proper ENFORCEABLE policies and procedures, and we’re set. But just so you know, when HR has to walk you out the door because you didn’t follow acceptable use policies, my contract still stands. $1,000,000.00, six months. No cyber*anything*else needed. I will work with your existing staff, where of my salary, I will make sure all your existing staff is trained, and ships in, or ships out. This includes you Mr. C(insert_your_letter_here)O. Otherwise, I will sit back drinking coffee reading about how organizations shot themselves in their cyberfoot in

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