Essay Technology Has Changed Our Lives

1113 Words Aug 27th, 2016 null Page
Technology has always had an impact on our lives in some form or another. Early in the 20th century, automation and power machinery transformed our country by reducing the manual labor force necessary on farms and factories. In the 21st century, technology is developing at a much more rapid pace as advances today are often outdated within 2-5 years. Fewer opportunities exist in manufacturing, while the digital has grown exponentially. These advancements indicate that it is very likely that our middle and high school students will likely train for jobs that do not currently exist. Faced with this information, we must ensure that our curriculum and teachers sufficiently equip students. The curriculum of the 21st century integrates knowledge and skills affording flexible, diverse, learning opportunities which are personalized and centered around student, is driven by data, and focuses on developing critical thinking and interpersonal skills within classrooms which may resemble laboratories, studios, or other workspace taught by professionals who are also learners, facilitators, and leaders modeling tolerance, acceptance and able to present a global perspective on issues relevant to the learner. Preparing our students for this rapidly changing society will appear much different from our own learning experiences. Vast amounts of research have proven that students are better able to learn a concept when they are engaged, rather than when they are passively listening…

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