Technology And Its Effect On Children Essay

1821 Words Jun 21st, 2016 8 Pages
As we all know, cell phones were made for talking to one another. With everything being so high-tech now, we are able to do much more than that. Now able to get on the internet at the touch of a button, use a cell phone as a camera, and get the weather all within 2 minutes. Sure, we all love our cell phones, but is it too harsh to say that some people would be absolutely lost without it? Choosing this topic was easy for me. I see first hand in my family, my 12-year-old sister has an iPhone 6, who would be absolutely lost without it. Technology in adolescents now comes with consequences since everything is so competitive. In western countries, technology is booming for all of us and adolescents now not having a cell phone is unheard of, yet in non-westernized countries, they are not even sure what a cell phone does. The competition for adolescents to have the latest and greatest technology is driving parents into a frenzy and financial disadvantage. Research has been shown that technology is not only affecting adolescents socially but physically too. Additionally, teens who are just getting their driver’s license have been in numerous car accidents due to texting and driving because this bad habit of their phone never leaving their hands is unheard of. This topic is prevalent to American’s the most because we are seeing it first hand, every single day. Whether it be at a supermarket where a toddler has an iPad or a bus stop, where every student won’t lift their head up from…

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