Technology and How Oits Changing Us Essay

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What is technology doing to and for us?

Sitting on the playground with a tablet avoiding a couple kids; playing with jump ropes, draw with chalk on the ground, playing hop scotch, teeter totter and swinging on the monkey bars. A seven-year-old boy is playing basketball on the tablet and when asked by his friend to come play basketball on the court. He reply’s “I don’t wanna, I’m playing on my tablet.” In schools, students are learning skills that they will need to carry them through life and to find jobs. Schools use technology more and more everyday to teach kids and relate to them. Kids are allowed to bring their own devices to class such as tablets, Ipads, and Mini Laptops and use applications that the teacher may
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The way we communicate as changed drastically. We used to write letters in order to speak to one another. Now, we use technology and they receive the message in seconds. Writing a letter in today’s society has so much significance to someone, making him or her feel special. By sending information faster through technology we are losing our basic soft skills such as speaking formally. With these high tech devices we are relying more on technology and less on our memory. Having the information at an easy access causes us to forget things like phone numbers, appointments, and even our way around our city. With technology and its up comings everyday it seems like it has become a crutch to society and without technology, completely, we will be lost. Many are used to abbreviating in order to send information; we frankly use the abbreviation in the wrong areas of life, such as work settings and academics. Sometimes even saying texting abbreviations out loud as in “L-O-L, or O-M-G”! Depending ontechnology everyday has turned something we just used when there was nothing to do, into a necessity and rising as a need in order to survive. Parents can go online to see what their child’s progress is in the classroom everyday. Overall I am for technology, as the world is changing we have to adapt in order to keep up with society. While technology is constantly revolving as each year goes

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