The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

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No one can escape the influence of social media. It is present nearly everywhere you go. It pervades nearly all aspects of life, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, and there is constant pressure to document and share everything you do. In today’s digital age, at any moment, you are never too far away from an internet capable device, ranging from a laptop sitting on a bed to a smart phone in your pocket. Thus, it is all too common that many, especially teenagers, will spend all their times glued to their phones, looking at the world exclusively through the lens of social media. As more become accustomed to spending their time on social media during every waking hour, it certainly becomes a problem that these same people …show more content…
When a driver is not paying attention to the road, they can easily lose control of their car and get other people, who by no fault of their own, killed. It is a very real issue that causes too many terrible deaths and pointless tragedies. My own brother was killed by such a driver, driving far too fast and not watching the road. These drivers often believe that they can handle being distracted, thinking themselves great multi-taskers and competent drivers, but it only ever takes one mistake to ruin a life. It could happen the first time one begins driving distracted, or ten years later. Distracted driving occurs in three ways: visual, manual, and cognitive distraction. Visual distraction occurs simply when the driver does not watch the road. Manual distraction is when drivers use their hands for things other than driving. Lastly, cognitive distraction is caused by a driver not focusing on driving alone [CDC]. Drivers drive distracted for a variety of reasons, such as eating food, “needing” to send a text, or merely having other people in one’s car. While issues like drunk driving have been passionately crusaded against for years and are beginning to decline, driving distracted is an ever more frequent problem, despite actually being more dangerous

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