Teaching And Listening English Skills Essay

734 Words Mar 14th, 2016 3 Pages
In this report I would like to introduce or illustrate my portfolio in the work that I have done from the very beginning of the class until today, I have done Reading English and Listening English skill. I did some different resources which are two different goals, two activities, two tests and two different results that I have got from those tests for Personal English Development, this report reflects on the study that I have done this term some of them were successful, but some of them were not. The goals of this portfolio is to evaluate and to reflect on every single learning activity and tests that I have done.
The two learning goals that I used were Reading and Listening which were very difficult for me to figure out, the goals of the strategies learning was to improve my in the certain subjects which was about Toeic, so I could pass my Toeic test and went through Degree. My challenging learning goal at the beginning of the term were Reading because at the beginning, I just could read half or one book and I could not read fast. I had not change my timetable over time because I did not found any difficult specific goals, for goals that I chose I just found easy way up to week 9, I actually learned a lot from that, but with quite a difficult process that I went through now I can be reading more than one books every day that is absolutely amazing also I could read faster in the Toeic reading parts 5, 6 and 7 than before. My behaviour goal was getting…

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