Teachers Are Being Underpaid For Being Paid? Essay

1300 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
Teachers all over the United States are being underpaid for having such a meaningful, influential career. Teachers are a crucial part to society. They are the ones who teach the children, the doctors, and the politicians. People should be concerned with how much teachers are being paid because underpaid teachers can lead to a lack of qualified teachers willing to work. They are a big part of childhood and for many kids, teachers show them the building blocks of life.
Over the years, the amount that teachers have been paid has revolutionized in three different ways. During the late 1800s, teachers were not paid on money, they were compensated for room and board. “The ‘Boarding Round’ pay system was a strong incentive for teachers to maintain positive relations with community members and to maintain a high moral character. It also reflected the barter economy of the time” (Kelley and Odden). As the economy industrialized, society needed more qualified teachers. During the 1900s, the way teachers earned money changed. Elementary school teachers did not earn as much as the high school teachers. Another drawback from earning more money was being a woman or a minority. Currently, gender and race do not play a part in how much teachers earn. The level of education, years of experience, and performances affect the amount teachers make.
There are many reasons why we should raise teachers’ salaries. They are the future of next generations. A decrease in pay can lead to a lack of…

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