Tablets Are Not Used For The Educational Field? Essay

818 Words Jun 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Due to the heavy weight of textbooks, millions of students develop back problems at an early age every year. With the modern days of technology, intelligent people created devices like tablets that can replace textbooks in the education field. Then, why tablets are not used in the educational field? Students who gain technological knowledge at an early age will be well prepared to pursue their future career. The school system should be required to use tablets in the educational field because the tablets contain different types of educational features, it protects the environment, and it has a preferable storage capacity and weight.
Tablets are beneficial in many different ways to students. Tablets contain educational features which can improve students’ performance. It has interactive features such as quizzes, online assignments, PowerPoint notes, and videos which can help students to perform well in the classrooms. Students who are visual learner can learn the concept much better through the images. Nowadays, technology has gone so far beyond that students are able to see a 3D image of the particular educational topic through tablets. “About 5,400 educational applications are available specifically for the iPad, of which nearly 1,000 can be downloaded free” (Hu). Tablets provide all the facilities to students in order to learn the concept.
On the contrary, people argue that students who use tablets tend to get distracted by the entertainment applications like games, social…

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