Super Bowl Commercials Analysis

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This year the the super bowl commercials I thought were very unique and different than previous years. For example, in the past years most commercials were very American oriented with a lot of classic american images being broadcasted. This year commercials ranged from being very American to unique and different. In a very broad sense, the target audience was 25-35 year old men and families throughout America. The commercials were a lot for beer, insurance, skittles and food/drinks which are all messages for a that specific group of people watching the superbowl. Taking a step back from these commercials we can see that these commercials represent the cultural norm and values that the united states have. For example, these commercials paint …show more content…
I think that this has to do with where the super bowl was played (SF). San Francisco being one of the most open and accepting cities in the united states, the commercials had to follow this open mindedness. The commercials paint a picture that anyone can consume these products and that if you do buy these products you will be considered “cool” and “accepted”. Lastly the commercials seem to be convey that if you buy these products you will also looked at as wealthy. Tagging along with the same idea, the commercials this year conveyed the idea of being accepting and open to ideas and other peoples ways of life. For example the Prius commercial conveys a more of a lifestyle of saving money due to its increased range. The cultural message of family and being together was clearly seen in the commercial called “Super Bowl Babies”. It showed a bunch of babies and older kids singing a song about the super bowl. It conveyed a sense of family and family gathering which comes from the super bowl. This ad was the strangest of them all in my opinion because it sent the message of the super bowl being just as and if not more important than other actual holidays bring family and friends …show more content…
The first category is “the funny category” This included Shock tops commercial, all the doritos ads, the heinz commercial, Skittles and butterfingers commercial. These were all commercials that made people laugh and was light in the sense that it was not emotional. The second category was as I put it, the serious category. This included the Budweiser commercial with the horses and the “text-talk” commercial about domestic abuse. The last category there was the “odd ones” which was all the food, drink, and banking ads that were neither funny nor serious. These ads included the Xifaxan add, Hyundai and the Marmot commercial. However these ads were quite odd, they were unique and did get the attention of the views which is the goal of advertisements. In my opinion, the most predominant theme that ran throughout the commercials shown during the Super Bowl was “odd ones”. Throughout the Superbowl, I not only took notes but I took notes on what people were commentating. At the end of the game most people commented on how this year 's commercials were all very odd and did a good job at getting the attention of its views. I agreed with this because it seemed like every commercial break there was at least one or two commercials that left everyone silent or comment on how “odd that last ad was.”
In conclusion, this super bowl commercials were in my opinion very different than the traditional

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