Super Bowl Baby Legends

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In today’s society we all have diverse opinions; similarly, it is challenging to meet the criteria that the public insists upon. The evening of the Super Bowl brought the occasional snacks, lifelong friends, and judgment of the never ending commercials. Although many were ridiculous, this advertisement enlists items that intrigue viewers. Super Bowl Baby Legends adequately supplies the perfect combination that no human can deny, football and babies. The producer of a commercial is empowered with the ability to pursue many opinions, positive or negative; therefore, it is important they express their message while being respectful to the audience. “Baby Legends” conveys a heartwarming emotion towards families, mothers, fathers, and whoever has a sweet spot for little kids in uniforms. As mothers and fathers, children dressed in the latest styles are almost as captivating as watching the Super Bowl itself. Not only does this commercial advocate how adorable babies appear, but it also creates laughter for those who awe over the game. Men and woman who may not have families can also be enthralled by this advertisement. They see football powerhouses and legend coaches walking around with fake beards and diapers, …show more content…
The airing moments for these commercials will end up attracting multitudes of individuals; producers spend up to 5.5 million dollars use their time, money, and dedication to compose thirty seconds of time well spent. Naturally our environment revolves around kids, for example: teachers, babysitters, occupational therapists, and many other jobs associate within this field. Logically, people are attracted to babies because they demand constant attention to nurse them. Furthermore, this commercial hits home with many of its viewers because numerous jobs are initially involved with them in their everyday

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