Essay on Students Are The Base Of Our Education System

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What does one think of when they hear the word student? Do they think of a bright student who has everything in place, or do they think of a student who slacks off and never gets any work done? Students are like flowers; they both come from different environments, bloom at different times, and most importantly, are diverse. Students are the base of our education system, and build the future of the country. In other words, education is significant in the United States and that is very apparent. Instructors, politicians, and even the president himself stress the importance of education. Education is vital for the growth of the student and ultimately, the growth of the country. Every student has a different perspective in regards to education, and as a result, achievement levels for students vary dramatically. There is a variety of categories students can be classified in. The typical student can be categorized in one of the following classes: under achieving, average, and over achieving. A student who is in the lower part of the achievement spectrum is classified as an under achiever. An under achiever is a student who regularly does not do their homework and are inattentive in class, resulting in D’s and F’s. Under achievers are usually not fazed by failure and frankly, most of them do not care. Students who have low levels of achievement may have a sense of apathy toward education. Three factors that may contribute to education apathy are lack of instruction by previous…

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