How Children Succeed By Paul Tough Essay

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There are many assumptions as to the different factors keeping students from succeeding in school. The author, Paul Tough, takes it upon himself to write about what has and has not worked educationally for students in How Children Succeed. The examples, stories, and research give light to the many variables that can negatively affect a child’s educational path. The author’s focus seems to be the importance of the students environment at home and school because it is the most influential factor. Some students are born into very stressful home environments and may have a harder time succeeding in school due to their home life. Also, the school environment may be poor and it may cause many students to have problems in school. Tough has written the intro and first chapter to be very informative about the importance students learned behavioral skills …show more content…
A lot of the funding goes to these schools and almost no funding goes to schools in good areas. However, the test scores and behavioral issues are still higher in the poverty schools even with all the technological advances they have. One of the reasons may be, that “The teenage years are difficult for almost every child, and for children growing up in adversity, adolescence can often mark a terrible turning point… (Tough, 2012, pg. 48). Therefore, I feel that Tough is right about the importance of focusing on building important behavioral skills for students. Students who are in school will not benefit from learning in a static classroom. They should learn real skills that will help them use their critical thinking skills and how to plan ahead for the future. Many student, may not even consider going to college because it may seem unattainable to the. Learning positive behavioral skills can make all the difference for a student who is struggling and may give them a new positive outlook about continuing their

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