The Pros And Cons Of Unequal Funding In Education

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What do you know about unequal funding in Education? Educating our future generation has always been key in our society. Academic success has been linked consistently to success in life. However, after years of providing free public education, there are still disparities in the resources a student receives. These disparities can carry many effects in a student’s life.

Our society has strived to maintain education a free and public institution. But where do the funds for public education come from? In the United States, most public schools are funded primarily through local property taxes. This results in better facilities, better teachers and resources for wealthier neighborhoods. (Guin) Funds for school are also distributed by federal
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Large funding differences appear at both the national and state level. Statistics are given yearly of what schools nationwide spend on students. The national average of student is roughly $10,608. Utah spends the lowest on its students, roughly $6, 208 well under the national average. (Baker, Brian) Higher spending does not always mean successes in academics. This is evident in the state of Delaware, who spends $13, 864 on average per pupil but whose students scored below average on the National Assessment for Educational Progress (Frolich). The state of Florida spends an average of $8, 371 and is the only state to have scored higher than average on the NAEP, according to the latest findings on US census Bureau of Education. (Frolich) Research details the disparities in the funding throughout …show more content…
We both agreed in the unfairness that unequal education provides for our society. She shared personal experiences of her lower income school and the lack of up to date technology, textbooks that were out of date. She talks about wanting better for her children now. I empathized with her and shared my own experiences of living in different states and seeing the differences in Education because of the resources offered. We both agreed that reform must take place to amend the policies and formulas on school funding. However, we didn’t know where to start if we wanted to be the ones to make

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