Fire In The Ashes Summary

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In the book Fire In The Ashes by Jonathan Kozal , who is a famous award-winning author and writer, he shares a story about a girl named Pineapple and the problem in her school at, P.S 65. Teachers in her school would often leave before the year ended. The school itself would have unprepared teachers hired as well. When Pineapple reached the 2nd grade 28 of 50 members of the school had left and half those people, never taught a day in their lives. During Pineapple’s 3rd and 4th grade years, she had a total of seven teachers (173). Poverty has a direct correlation with how students are unable to study properly and progress through the school system.
Many school children in the United States are currently living in record levels of poverty. Steve
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Children who often don’t get mentored suitably or gain the right education tend to end up on the streets and choose a mischievous life. That’s why an emphasis should really be put upon children and their education because being able to be mentored successfully, and focused during classes can lead to a brighter future for the children’s sake. The problem however is the price that comes with having such mentors in attendance and with children who can barely afford three meals a day, having such a mentor is often a stretch too far. Suitts and Hobbs advocate the view that poverty itself has a direct impact into students schooling abilities. Hobbs further suggests that “poverty impacts the student’s basic ability to focus, comprehend, and retain information” (34). Suitts adds that children “are generally more likely to have developmental issues and to score low on school tests, fall behind in school, get entangled with the criminal justice system, and fail to graduate” (37). Without such an educational background, children often fall through the system finding themselves in bad situations at an early age. It is extremely important for such children to get all the benefits that can be offered to them so that they can exploit all the help possible. This will only lead to a brighter future for the children who suffer in poverty on a day to day

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