Analysis Of Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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We’re all faced with problems in life, some harder than others, some that will upset people. In Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer a girl named Ashleigh with the nickname of Ashes was with her dad and he was like yeah if I get a couple hundred bucks I’ll be set for life. But then he told Ashleigh that he owed a couple hundred dollars. Then Ashleigh’s dad brings up that her mom keeps a couple hundred dollars in a teapot. He asked her to take the money from the teapot. Ashleigh took the money because she’s loyal to her dad, she wanted her dad to fix his financial problems, and Ashleigh didn’t want to let her dad down. Ashleigh took the money because she’s loyal to her dad. Susan Beth Pfeffer “Well, why not. I was his daughter, after all,” (4). Ashleigh’s loyal to her dad because she is his daughter and most of the time kids are more loyal to one parent than the other. Also Susan Beth Pfeffer says “The money’s still in the teapot,” (4). If Ashleigh wasn’t loyal she’d just be playing stupid about it like yeah I have no idea about that money you’re talking about. Susan also said “and realized he’d had those same fantasies.” (4). Now if she wasn’t loyal she probably would’ve been like most people and been like you’ve had these fantasy’s before and it didn’t work so, why on Earth would it work now. That’s Part 1 on why Ashleigh took the money. …show more content…
Susan Beth Pfeffer says “Can I help,” (4). Ashleigh’s offering to help her dad with the financial problem so, he doesn’t have to worry about the finances. The story says All I need to do is put together a little financing and I'll be set for life” (Pieffer 3). Pieffer Says “... Just a couple hundred bucks and all the pieces will fall into place.” (3). If Ashleigh’s dad gets a couple hundred bucks it’s supposedly the start of something big, and normally when kids find out about something big they want to help. That’s another reason on why Ashleigh took the

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