Democratic Education Requires Rejecting The New Corporate Two Tiered School System

1098 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
Kenneth Saltman, "Democratic Education Requires Rejecting the New Corporate Two-Tiered School System"

Central Thesis: The key claims the author makes in this article are that schools who educate higher-income families tend to get more public funding, which results in better resources and teachers for the students, while many middle-income and poor families only have schools that are being privatized by corporations. Saltman discusses how this situation is just making the higher performing schools become even more successful, while it is the complete opposite for lower performing schools.

Summary: The first main point Saltman makes in his article is how ‘No Child Left Behind’ is not improving education, at least not for the students who come from low-income backgrounds. These struggling schools are faced with strict regulations and policies, difficult model procedures, and lessons that are already planned for the teachers. Since the higher-income schools receive more public funding, they are able to afford better resources, such as more teachers, teaching aides, special programs and technology. The second point the author makes is that large corporations, whose only care is about making money, are privatizing lower-income schools. They are implementing short-time “reform” schemes, which in reality are short-term “get rich” schemes for themselves. These corporations have abandoned the goals of racial integration and equal distribution of educational…

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