Police Brutality Articles

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Arnett, Autumn. "Scholars: Police, Black Community Disconnect Unresolved." Diverse: Issues In Higher Education32.3 (2015): 6-8. Academic Search Premier. Web. 18 Nov. 2015. In this article Arnett argues that in different colleges across the United States African-Americans are dealing with the abusive force of police officers. Some supporting points that back this up are that she talks about the dog attack on a student at Norfolk State University, she has an associate professor from the University of Louisiana talk about the contentious relationship between African-Americans and police, and she also talks about how police officers are never accountable for attacking African-Americans. I agree with Arnett in many ways because police officers do not treat everyone the same way. The color your skin determines how police will confront you and treat you. This article will be beneficial to my paper on police brutality because it contains people’s interactions with police and how the outcome would’ve been …show more content…
Some supporting points of the article are that Rodríguez presents proof of officers using whatever they can that’s legal to spray protestors with and that UC Davis called upon the Riverside Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff ’s Department for backup. I don’t entirely agree with Rodríguez because I don’t believe all police officers like to push their limits while abusing citizens. However, I do agree that no matter what color you are police officers will still attack you. This article can be useful for my paper because it talks in detail historical events that had to deal with police and students at universities. Another reason why it would help is because since its based in California it can be more powerful to talk about police brutality specifically in

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