Student Learning Reflection

Reflection on Teaching and Student Learning
Each day I collected data from the class and students A and B. This data allowed me to adjust my lessons to better fit the needs of the class. My original goal was broad in my lessons for students to be able to answer the essential questions from the focus wall. I had general knowledge of how to teach the content from teaching previous reading lessons over different subjects. From teaching these lessons I had a preview of how this unit would go. I had previous knowledge of that students may find writing difficult and answering questions about the week’s theme to be easy. To assess the class each day I used a formative assessment at the end of the lesson. Each of the students took the same assessment
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I think at this age in kindergarten handwriting skills are a difficult area for students. Many students are still learning letter recognition but also working to master these writing skills. I believe with more practice and repetition students will learn this letter and better master writing the letter c upper and lower case. Each day I closely watched the students who scored below eighty five percent on the assessment and even more closely kept notes of what each student missed. By keeping these notes I was able to track what each student in the class needs more help with in reading. I was able to group students into levels with finding the common errors in their answers with their assessments. This helped me to customize my lessons and better teach it to the struggling students in my class. I was able to crunch in extra time for students like A and B to have extra time to work on their handwriting with the letter C. I believe that there has been an impact made from the pretest to the …show more content…
I believe that by having the students moving around more in the lessons, students who are more hyperactive like student A and B will better be able to focus on each mini lesson. I believe cutting a station and incorporating more vocabulary games will help the students who are struggling with learning these words. This would allow students who do not do well with sitting and listening to work with others and interact and learn the terms. I have found a great blog that I loved that gave me some wonderful ways to help students who have busy bodies. These webpages have helped me better understand and help student A and B learn the best. These pages have different approaches and strategies that will help meet the needs of all of the students in my class, the students who are traditional and non-traditional learners. I think it is most important to use the information from the assessments is to better myself as an educator, I will be able to better teach reading with the new strategies that I have learned. With what I have learned from this unit and these sources will help me in my future

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