Early Childhood Education 350 (ECE) At Consumes River College Case Study

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This semester, I enrolled in Early Childhood Education 350 (ECE) at Consumes River College, which transfers over to Sacramento State as Child Development 35F. ECE 350 is a course that incorporates lecture and fielded experience at a school site. I was a student volunteer at John Reith Elementary school for an AM and PM kindergarten class. Ms. Moua is the morning instructor, and this is her first year at John Reith and Ms. Din is the afternoon instructor and is a veteran at John Reith. John Reith is a titled one school, meaning the majority of the students receive free or reduced lunch. The school is gated and the only way to enter is through the office, which protects the staff and students from any intruders. The school offers additional …show more content…
(Spring, 2014, pg. 5) ) Common Core was introduced in 2009, which adopted a new standard for math and language art for students to compete internationally. (corestandards.org) As of 2015, 42 states have adopted the standard and implemented the curriculum into their education system. (Spring, 2014, pg.5 & corestandards.org) Kindergarten students are introduced to addition, subtraction and sight words which are preparing the students for the first grade. (Spring, 2014, pg.5) Sight words are words such as the, I, see, like, etc. which kindergarten students are expected to read, spell, and used the sight words in a sentence. By the end of kindergarten students are expected to master 30 sight words, and by the end of first-grade master 100 sight words. Sight words are teaching students to memorize the word and not teaching them to read. Students are learning addition, subtraction and having chapter math test. Kindergarten is only 3.5 hours long, and students are learning a variety of subjects which has affected the quality of education. Students are not finishing their assignments and assignments are not graded for correctness. Teachers are unable to revisit a previous lesson and must push forward to meet the standards for the school year. The common core standards are creating more students at risk because students are expected to master math, language arts, reading, and science all in one day, and many of these students do not meet the daily

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