Struggle In A Diversity Workplace

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Organization Behavior is a social unit that sits goals and studies the impact of an individuals, groups and structure on the organization effectiveness. For that reason, organization aims to avoid negative attitude so that employees and groups can be motivated and functional and try to control and predict how group members will react under a certain circumstance
In this research, we highlighted two main issues that Saudi women could struggle in a diversity work place. One of these issues is unfair discrimination that she could face because she is considered a minority in organization from a perspective of her male colleagues and managers. Second, the previous issue could lead to power abuse and negatively affect her behaviors,
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It started when Sara’s manager unfairly distributed the tasks between Sara and her partner, Mohammad. The manager used to give Sara boring yet unimportant tasks while keep the important and loaded tasks to Mohammad. From the manager’s perspective, he treated Sara unfairly because of his believes that women generally are unqualified and can’t accomplish the work efficiently as men. Unlike Sara, she believed there is no difference between her and Mohammad because of her work experience, knowledge, and skills. Moreover, she was wondering how she would learn, gain new skills, and prove herself while the manager wasn’t giving her the opportunity to do so. On the other hand, Sara’s partner Mohammad was unsatisfied with the fact that he was doing all the hard work and he was under stress while Sara was doing almost nothing. He believed the manager should distribute the tasks equally between him and …show more content…
The manager got irritated and angry which made him treat Sara differently. He started to become extremely strict and inflexible with her. He gave her hard tasks in a very limited time, punished her with warnings, lowered her evaluation, and deducted from her salary. From Mohammad’s perspective, in order to make himself ahead of Sara and to ensure he gets the promotion, his plans started to make her horribly fail and hopefully resign. He started doing unethical actions by making the manager treating Sara badly and making rumors about her. Spreading rumors such as Sara is being lazy, late, absent and not accomplishing her assign work. Now Mohammad’s plan succeeded and his believes came true that he was the only one who should get promoted. As a result, the manager was angry and annoyed of what Sara did. The manager was convinced that she was not allowed to talk behind his back or complain about him. He took it in an offensive way so he wanted to show her that she was not welcome in the department by punishing her, putting her under pressure, and making her feel less when not appreciating her efforts, qualification, and knowledge. On the other hand, Sara believed that the manager didn’t have the right to treat her this way since she talked to him at first but he did not pay attention to her. She started to feel depressed, unsatisfied, and convinced that

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