Strengths And Weaknesses Of Case Management Model

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The field of case management has several roles. Within this field of study, workers will have to anticipate unexpected situations. The therapist model provides one on one counseling for individual with their areas of concerns. This could range from serious health issues to mental health as well as addiction problems. Our course readings states that some individual will require intensive and ongoing attention while others will require ongoing attention but less intensive involvement (Frankel, A. J. & Gellman, S. R. (2012). It will correspond with the goals that have been set forth.
There are strengths and weaknesses within the case management models. One strength is being able to sit down with an individual and probe their mindset attempting
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One of those weaknesses is there are limitations on areas that the therapist may be able to expose and treat. The idea is to make the client feel safe while able to expose all of his or hers weakness to the therapist. Some clients may not chose to shut down and not open up their weaknesses. In addition to this, another weakness is not being able to detach from the situation or case that you are involved in. Losing a sense of reality and work may have a very negative effect on the case worker worst case scenario displacement of the workers job. You have to train your mind to differ from personal and professional matters,
Next, I chose to delve into the psychosocial rehabilitation model. This model treats patients with mental or emotional disorders teaching them to function within their own community. Treatments can range from working with others on a job to learning to co-exist with family members and
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Often times the case manager may have used all of the avavibale resources to assist the client. The mind sometimes seems to have two different agendas. Personally, I’ve seen firsthand people wanting to do the right thing and stay focus on a particular goal then a distraction arises and deters the individual. Another weakness is excepting to be able to help very one, rehabilitation does not mean that every client will be successful I think each day is design for us to accomplish the most we can, at our best and when the day is done if we have done our best then that should give us a sense of peace. But we all won’t to be better than we were yesterday and change who we can but in reality there is no way we can change

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