Essay On The Role Of A Therapist

Life is not without problems and as such, humanity share’s stories of struggles and for many these struggles are merely a part of the cycle of this life. Yet there are those that cannot cope with these struggles in terms of a positive solution and there for seek the guidance of a therapist to provide an unbiased view of the whole picture and train the client to get back on track, managing life once again. Therapists are trained in the field of mental health and provide experience in identifying key stressors within the client that may lead to unmanageability. Common place in society is substance use as a maladaptive behavior as well as a range of other mental and behavioral disorders. Often found that co-occurring disorders and substance use disorder (SUD) go hand in hand, the necessity for properly trained clinicians to assess and screen clients in order to achieve successful treatment plans. As assessment is defined by …show more content…
13). The role of the therapist is to employ various strategies when assessing integrated treatment, determining therapy for the individual versus the group or family, and utilizing soft skills when working with the client.
The need for counseling may be brought on by any number of factors as the client may arrive at the request of a loved one or legal persuasion and even quite possibly in search of the means to stop the unmanageability of current circumstances. The reason may play a role in the receptiveness of the client, but this begins the process none the less. Understanding that a therapist is the advocate for the clients mental health

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