Essay on Socs315 Week 5 You Decide

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The Disagreement: Lenora and Joshua
When you are in a relationship, arguments or disagreements can arise. They can often trigger strong emotions that lead to hurtful words and uneasiness. If these conflicts are not resolved in a healthy way, resentment and a dissolved relationship could follow. However, when they are resolved in a proper manner, it could promote growth between the couple and fortify the bonds of their relationship (Conflict Resolution Skills).
In the case between Lenora and Joshua, they are having a disagreement about Lenora returning to the workforce, now, when Christa is only 3 months old instead of waiting until Christa is 5 years old. To handle this situation properly, there are ten guidelines that can assist
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Guideline 7: Be Willing to Change Yourself
Leonora needs to think about the decision of returning to work. She should consider a job that will not have a negative impact on their child’s development. Maybe she can wait until Christa is in a comfortable setting that will enable her to return to work.
Joshua’s involvement with Christa is crucial and needs to realize that he plays an important part in her life. A schedule of alternate work hours between Lenora and Joshua will ensure that their child will receive the required attention.
Guideline 8: Don’t Try to Win
Leonora must be able to agree to a time frame when she can return to work that does not affect Christa’s development. Joshua should consent for her to work after a specified amount of time when their child’s is prepared for a learning environment. The purpose of the disagreement is not to win the argument but create a solution that encompasses a win-win scenario.
Guideline 9: Be Willing to Forgive
Lenora should be willing to forgive and understand Joshua’s perspective about the needs of Christa and the family. She should understand that Joshua is trying to do his best with the cards that he was dealt. Lenora should take into consideration that Joshua feels more time is needed for Christa’s overall development before she returns to work.
Joshua should be empathetic towards Lenora’s feelings and forgive her for comments she made out of frustration for not being able to help out.

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