Social Media and Youth Essay

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Social media contribute enormously an extremely significant role in the lives of youths. In addition, youths can either real risks or opportunities from social media. The risks are not rooted in technology but issues regarding the youths’ social and personal development. It is imperative that youths are guided so that they develop appropriate skills as well as the resilience required to navigate social media opportunities and risks. Peer groups should be given the opportunity to develop and negotiate shared comprehension of reasonable and safe online behavior patterns.

There is a need for a better understanding of how youths are using social media and how it is likely to affect their lives. It is therefore, noteworthy
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Communication on social media services the following roles:

Information: this involves exchanges concerning upcoming activities, what they involve, duration, place and practical information that deals with personal activities and youth centers. Relationships: previous relationship problems within groups are discussed. Philosophical concepts: this involves general life discussions and issues which members would want to involve in more. Finally, personal disclosure involves information that is sensitive and private.

As days go by, social media continue to develop more sophisticated features. These include video and photo sharing tools, discussion groups, instant messaging and messaging tools, third parties’ applications and events organizing tools which are reflected on the profile and the data of friends’ list. Add-on tools, games and functions, can be provided.

Youths can explore the friends list of the existing contacts to find new contacts. This assists in developing contacts since one can search for groups and people with which there are common interests. This can also be achieved through browsing the site. The social dimension of social media is founded on the fact that people utilize it to interact with others irrespective of whether they are total strangers or friends. This

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