The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Technology is a Privilege
People avoid deep communication to the point where sometimes, we are unaware of the things and people that are around us. Technology continues to advance giving us the option to hide behind a screen. What happened to exploring the world and seeing different perspectives of life though our own eyes instead of a screen? In Elizabeth Robinson article “Technology risks are still on the rise” she believes that the impact of technology, on people 's daily lives has increased over the past decade and has changed from “social to anti-social.”(Robinson) .Robinson says “We rely on technology so much that we use it more than we go outside.”
In the article “No Need to Call” Sherry Turkle is concerned because we are so dependent
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(Wortham pg.393)At first glance some people might say that social media is to stay connected to manage your acquaintances, to meet new people and of course to stay connected with friends and family. But on closer inspection the thing is that were always sucked in to a screen.
Robinson and Turkle agree with Wortham they also believe that technology has its disadvantages. Turkle reminds us that teenager’s spend more time on their phone than they do talking to “each other.” (Turkle pg. 378) Robinson claims that some apps can be addictive and have a bad influence on people. “In some cases, people have become addicted to certain technology, causing antisocial behavior.” (Robinson) I believe that People will put aside their social abilities, which could affect future employee. Researchers say that the 21st century has been heavily affected by technology by causing stress on people in various way as well as illnesses including hearing loss, eye strain, blurred vision and how much sleep people get. (Robinson)
Technology is a privilege and we shouldn’t abuse it .It seems like in today’s society everything has changed Things have changed generation from generation we went from social to anti-social. Americans rely on social media to make a difference when in reality the only thing that can make a difference is we the

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