Smartphones And The Classroom Environment Essay

842 Words Mar 27th, 2016 4 Pages
In a study done by the Pew Research Center, just about 2 thirds of teens in the United States have access to smartphones, 30 percent have a basic phone and only 12 percent of teens aged thirteen to seventeen have no cell phone. (Lenhart, par 1) With this large amount of teens and students having access to smartphones we begin to question if the use of these smartphones in the classroom environment will benefit these students’ education. Advocates of smartphones in the classroom argue that smartphones will make a huge difference in education and act as a great tool for learning, whereas opponents dispute that smartphones will only hinder learning in the classroom by acting as a distraction to the students. Both advocates and opponents of smartphone use in the classroom agree that there are a few benefits. The opponents say, “The cost and complication of traditional textbooks makes electronic delivery of course material straight into the hands of students a rather attractive proposition... The prospect of linking students together via communication technology also holds great educational promise” (Smartphones Do Not Benefit Classroom Learning, par 4). The opponents are able to recognize the benefits. Using a smartphone in the classroom allows easy access to course materials and quick and easy communication between students and teachers. Advocates agree with this and also state that smartphones allow portable learning anywhere at any time and are a more affordable alternative…

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