Sleep And The Dangers Of Chronic Fatigue Essay

1252 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
These past few weeks in the First Year Odyssey class, “Is Less More? The Promise and Problems of Restricting the Work Hours and Schedule of Physicians”, we have been reading a handful of articles from different books about the importance of sleep and diseases related to lack of sleep. We analyzed the risks of injuries due to sleep deprivation while in residency programs and the journals of residents writing about their different experiences also. Following the readings, we have class discussions about the importance of sleep and the dangers of chronic fatigue. We also have discussed the hours, schedules, and lives of residents before the reforms of resident work hours. In addition to discussing the affect the hours before the reform had on the residents, the families of the residents, and the patients. Despite the tradition of what residents endure to become doctors, with the information we have about the dangers of chronic fatigue, it is debatably stupid to continue those traditions. In the society we live in now the idea of sleep is merely a concept and is not taken as seriously as it should be. People are still operating under the collective delusion that sleep is simply time lost that could be used to do other tasks to ease our increasingly busy lives and overbooked schedules. The idea of not sleeping is often backed by the popular says, “I can sleep when I’m dead”, or “Sleep is for the weak” (Huffington 18). According to a recent Gallup poll, forty percent of…

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