The Importance Of Sleep And Depression

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Register to read the introduction… Most depressed people oversleep possibly making their depression worse. Sleep disturbance was once a symptom of depression but once the sleep disorder is treated and the sleep is restored symptoms of depression decrease. Sleep and depression have a connection, one with depression should get a sufficient amount of sleep so the depression gets better.

Sleep deprivation affects ones ability to learn in many ways. Sleeping disorders in students may cause lack of enthusiasm, concentration difficulties, and memory impairment effecting a students ability to learn efficiently and to perform well in school. Sleep is essential when it comes to learning. A lack of sleep brings down attention span miking it hard to to take in information. People who sleep poorly are usually without energy, tired, tense, moody, stressed, irritable, and less rested and alert than those who get a good night sleep. Poor sleepers are also more likely to have a negative self-image.

Students say that concentrating in class is difficult already and being tired can make it even worst. Students who
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Sleep strengthens our memory and embeds the things that we have learned throughout the day and into our memory. When one is sleepy the inability to focus and concentrate weakens memory. The sharp wave ripples in the human brain are used to help consolidate memory making things one has learned easy to access. Cutting out a lot of deep sleep hurts the memory, and can lead to excessive forgetfulness. Anything learned during the day is converted into memories during the night. Even after learning a significant amount during the day one will not be able to remember it well if he or she does not get enough sleep during the

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