Why School Should Start Later Research Paper

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When getting enough sleep, students do better in school and its proven by researchers.
When students get enough sleep they can do things better, like get A+ in school. Since students come to school with sleep deprivation and what the researchers say when to start school, school should start later. First students come to school sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is linked to health problems like weight gain and depression{Lees}. When they are not getting enough sleep kids gain weight faster{Lees}. When students don’t get enough sleep they can become depressed{Lees}. Not getting enough sleep can interrupt the students learning. Students who don’t get enough sleep at night will end up falling asleep in class and making them miss lessons{Lewis}. Students end
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Move the sports schedules back and try to get schools on to the start later and ask to push family events a hour or two back{Lewis}. The people who run the school can push the sports time back, and try to get other schools to agree and family events can be tried to get pushed back by your family{Lees}. The school board can try to push it back and try to get schools to either start later or start the sports later{Webb}. Also family events can be pushed back if students explain that they are at school at that time{Webbs}. Since sleep deprivation and what researchers say about when school should start, school should start later to help out there students. Students will have sleep deprivation if their is a early start. Sleep research proves that schools should be pushed back. Early school start time affect students learning ability and makes it harder to learn. We should care about this because it affects the future generations. Who will end up going out to the world with sleep deprivation. My final thought is school should start later to help out their students in learning, and for their

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