Should School Be Free For All American Citizens? Essay

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The topic about whether school should be free for all American citizens has been ongoing for the past 139 plus years. “In 1877, Rutherford B. Hayes became the first president to make a strong case for universally available public education” (Bernie Sanders). Today, Americans around the country are given the access to free public school from kindergarten up until 12th grade (Bernie Sanders). There are a lot of people graduating high school, while kids are graduating jobs nowadays are requiring more from people then just a high school diploma. While requiring more than just a high school diploma is not the issue being able to go to a good college or just college in general is expensive. Whether you are a soon to be or high school graduate, parent who wants to get a college degree to better their situation, someone who has graduated but life has not gone well for them, person who has low income, parent thinking about their children 's future, or just someone who wants to pursue his/her dream may not be able to because they do not have the money to afford a college education. Should a college education be free for all U.S. citizens. I believe that all Americans should be able to go to college tuition free based on the following articles “The City Where High School Grads Go to College for Free”, “College Free for All?”, and “Would New Students Be Prepared for Free Community College?”
While Americans discuss whether a college education should be free for all U.S. citizen, The City…

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