Essay on Should I Stay With A Man Who Won 't Commit?

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Should I stay with a man who won’t commit?

This Q&A is directed primarily for women who are interested in men, but is still applicable for anyone else. Many women find themselves involved with somebody who they like a great deal, but there isn’t a relationship in sight. They’ve either expressed this to you or its probably come up from a discussion. So, I’d like to jump right into a few common lines that you may be hear when in the throes of someone who is commitment resistant.

"I just want to have fun right now."

“I just want to see where it goes.”

"I’m not sure I see a future with you."

"I 'm not looking for a long term relationship."

While there are particulars between all of those, the core meaning is still the same: what you want isn’t what they want at the present moment. There are a variety of reasons for this.

1.Unresolved baggage
2.Differing views on love and sex
3.Potential dealbreakers they’ve noted
4.An avoidant/ambivalent attachement style
5.They’re just not interested

Unresolved Baggage

Almost everyone I know becomes emotionally bruised at some point while searching for love and companionship. It’s not impossible to find yourself involved with someone who may have gotten more of than their share. Not unexpectedly, they may be hesitant to trust anyone ever again. While it’s good to acknowledge and even empathize, it’s not good to take on their baggage for them. Yes, it’s the act of a good samaritan to help someone through their pain, but you…

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