Essay about Should Higher Education Be Free?

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Should higher education be free? Why should furthering your education be so costly? Many people argue that the reason college is not affordable is because education pays for itself. Many people want to attend college but cannot afford to even buy a textbook. Community college isn’t free the way its portrayed to be. The price of attending a four-year college has increased. Tuition makes attending college more expensive today than any other point in America. College should be affordable. Few people even like school let alone want to attend school another four or more years by choice. Many political representatives continue to argue that the way to make college more affordable is to target financial aid to low-income students. It’s time for public higher education.
Though few valid arguments as to why college should be free, there are also arguments to why college should not be free. For one, if college were free, it would be accessible and available to almost everybody. Many people may see this as a positive, but it is also a major negative. Today most jobs, a high school diploma is a bare minimum required, which is also accessible to the public. A high school diploma does not hold much worth since everyone can get it and it doesn’t imply additional work, or above average, as many companies wants to see. A college degree shows extra hard work and determination, pushing a person to an improved chance in the competitive job market. A college degree would become least…

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