Robb Report: Should Teachers Be Paid?

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Ever heard of teacher owning a Ferrari or Lamborghini? What about a teacher on their yacht reading Robb Report? Do any even know what Robb Report is? As much as teachers deserve to be billionaires, they are not. Many students view teachers as their second parent whose primary goal is to educate them as well as to care and guide their students’ future. Teachers carry heavy responsibility which requires tremendous work, careful planning, precise analyzing, and non-stop grading which can be very stressful. Despite of all their strenuous labor and insurmountable efforts put in for their students, their income is too low to compensate, and thus they should be paid more.
Teachers are one of the most respectable characters and deserve more than what
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Countless people fail to consider that being a teacher is like an act of lowering one’s self in order to help people, and nothing is more respectable than that. Teachers are the primary reasons for children’s knowledge which helped shape those children the way they are. Despite of all the influences they can have on their students, they receive minimal credits from their students, and not to mention, from the government. According to MacPherson “teacher salaries range from $35,304 to $67,776 with the nationwide average coming in at $55,418” (par. 4). Compared to other holders of bachelor’s degree that has an average salary of $52,200 which shows that teachers have a slightly higher average salary. However, according MacPherson, “the stats can be misleading because many teachers hold higher degrees” (par. 5). The quote shows how much a teacher has to not only work, but to study while working in order to increase his or her salary. Additionally, teachers’ salary used to be worse which resulted, “around 40 percent of newly-qualified teachers were not in the …show more content…
NBA players have an average earnings of $5.15 million per year (Doyle par. 1) while teachers earn a mere $45,612. An NBA player earning more than 110 teachers combined shows how much people value entertainment over education. However, if teachers and education are the sole focus of this country, then schools would produce the smartest people the world has ever seen. Kloeffler, a supporter of increase in teacher’s salary, stated “You’re going to see substantially higher retention … You’re going to see much lower issues of students falling behind and not being able to catch up” (Kloeffler par. 5). Students falling behind are caused by lack of attention and help they receive from their teachers. The more subjects a student fails to understand, the further they fall behind, which then result to lesser self-confidence and interest in learning, and eventually feeling inferior of school, people, world, and life itself. In order to avoid children growing up feeling inferior, an increase in salary would solve this problem as teachers would dedicate their time to avoid any confusion and students falling behind. If teachers get paid like professional athletes, teachers would devote their lives into teaching, practicing every day during their spare time to constantly improve in order to hold onto their job. Analytics and scientist are so distracted searching for better and more effective shooting

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