Sexual Scripts Essay

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A sexual script is defined in our text as a set of expectations of how one is to behave sexually as a female or male and as a lesbian, or gay male. A script is a guideline on how we carryout our roles and in this report specifically our sexual roles. The foundations of our sexual scripts are formed in adolescence and are modified as we gain experience throughout our lives. Those that provide information on sexual scripts include parents, peers, and the media. When our sexual scripts are called into play they can be related to timing for privacy and our age. An overall characteristic of our sexual interactions we share is privacy. It is a time for intimate communication between two people not to be shared by others. Depending on our …show more content…
I noticed that the researchers offered these ideas over a decade ago and they still mostly hold true. Some contemporary changes have occurred to include a more mutual exchange of pleasure. The major differences noted by researches in the text are more recognition for females to receive; more acceptances of homosexual relationships, and nonmarital sex are more accepted in cohabitation. Middle age adulthood offers a new level of development in sexual relationships. One way it develops is after several years of habituation, passion can decrease and the chance of extramarital affairs increases. Nonsexual activities gain a higher level of importance in long-term relationships. Another issue is aging and how it removes our sexual appeal as we approach our older years. Trust is firmly established in partners who have been together a long time and they start to appreciate the sensual quality of the person than the body in middle age, notes Herant Katchadourian. Beyond middle age years our scripts continue to develop as we enter later adulthood. The main affect is our health and how it begins to impede our continual sexual activity. As illness and weak bones occur the ability of sexual actions diminish. Another confronting task

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